Perfect timing with Bluetooth® watches

The EDIFICE Bluetooth® models synchronise with compatible smartphones using Bluetooth® communication, enabling a large range of useful functions.


Connecting your Bluetooth® watch to a compatible* smartphone is a simple task using the free CASIO WATCH+ app. Here's how it works:

1. Install the app

Install the free CASIO WATCH+ app on your smartphone. Start the app.

2. Activate Bluetooth®

Activate the Bluetooth® connection on your smartphone.

3. Connect to your Bluetooth® watch

"Press the Bluetooth® button on your watch and establish the connection to your smartphone.

Note for Galaxy S5 users: If you experience problems with the Bluetooth connection after updating to Android 5, we recommend that you reset your watch. Instructions can be found here."
* Here you can check the compatibility of your smartphone

World time synchroniser

Automatic time setting

Simply by pressing the button with the engraved Bluetooth® symbol, wearers can link their EDIFICE watch to their smartphone via Bluetooth® in order to automatically set the exact local time wherever they are in the world. This feature means that there is no need to manually adjust the time when on a business trip or holiday.

Alarm setting

Setting reminders for appointments has never been so easy

The CASIO Watch+ app can be used to set various alarms on your EDIFICE watch, which will sound an acoustic signal to remind you of a recurring or one-off event — just what you need if you take medication on a daily basis or need to attend regular appointments.

Phone finder

Practical smartphone locator

Misplaced your smartphone? Whether it's lost in the depths of your handbag or is hidden under a pile of paper: One push of a button on your EDIFICE watch is all it takes to sound a loud acoustic signal from your smartphone — even when set to silent mode.

Dual time display

Exact time for 300 cities around the world

Whether you want to see what time it is back home when travelling abroad or you're planning the day ahead at your destination, the dual time display allows wearers to easily view a second time. The CASIO Watch+ app allows you to select the time in hundreds of cities.

Compatible with your smartphone?

Supported Devices

Dealer Search

Locate EDIFICE dealers or distributors in your region quickly and easily. Please note: Your dealer may not stock all models. In order to avoid unnecessary trips, please enquire about the availability of your preferred model via email or phone before visiting the dealer.