EDIFICE Bluetooth® Collection




The Championship White Edition

a very special timepiece designed in collaboration with Honda Racing

Back in 1964, the Honda RA271 was the first entry by a Japanese automaker in an F1™ race, with its classic white body and red rising sun. This body colour, dubbed “Championship White,” became proof of Honda’s pride and a symbol of the passion they put into every race. EDIFICE pays tribute to Honda for its distinguished F1™ history and passionate racing spirit in the ECB-S100HR, an homage to the first Honda racecar on the F1™ circuit. Designed in collaboration with Honda Racing, using special touches like real Championship White paint, this model exudes the full-on spirit of Honda Racing.


The first F1™ car by a Japanese automaker, racing for the Honda team in 1964.

Painted in authentic Championship White

The body colour of RA271, dubbed "Championship White," became proof of Honda Racing's pride and a symbol of the passion they put into every race. In the same way, the EDIFICE Honda Racing Championship White Edition features red accents on a white body, exuding the full-on spirit of Honda Racing. Its most exciting feature is the exact same Championship White is painted on the dial ring.

A chequered flag pattern recalls countless victories

The glass features a printed pattern that evokes a chequered flag, a nod to the many victories Honda Racing has won on the world’s greatest tracks.

A special band fit for a limited-edition model

The genuine leather band features a two-tone colour scheme, with the outer side rendered in white and the underside in red.


Tough Solar powered for converting light to energy

Energy-saving Tough Solar, which converts even fluorescent light into power, together with just two watch hands and a low-power Bluetooth® system, allows for a solar-receptive area about 55% smaller than that of the previous model, the ECB-900 — with plenty of power to keep every function running smoothly.

Countdown indicator

An inset dial indicator at the 9 o’clock position counts down to the next alarm and shows the time remaining in the active timer. This countdown begins with a progress beep 30 minutes in advance and ends with an alarm tone when time is up.

* Image shows the ECB-S100D-1A.

A slim design for a comfortable fit

We’ve developed a new slim analogue-digital combination module. Optimised circuit board structure and high-density mounting made it possible to fit everything in a slim, 9.8mm case. The watch sits comfortably on your wrist without getting caught on your shirt cuff.

* Image shows the ECB-S100D-1A.

Super Illuminator

A high-luminosity double LED illuminates the dial and the LCD for night-time visibility.

* Image shows the ECB-S100D-1A.

Sapphire crystal

The glass is made from scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with a glare-resistant coating.


Championship White


Tough Solar

Smartphone Link

EDIFICE Connected


5 daily alarms
The daily alarm reminds you about recurring events with an acoustic signal at the time you have set. This model has 5 independent alarms for flexible reminders of important appointments.
Battery level indicator
An indicator shows the current battery level.
Genuine leather band
The high-quality real leather wrist strap combines lasting durability, style and maximum comfort.
Super Illuminator
At the touch of a button, the display can be brightly illuminated in a fashionable color
Solid stainless steel case
The solid stainless steel watch case provides a valued and robust quality.
Sapphire crystal
Artificially manufactured glass with the hightest hardness and scratch resistance
Automatic calendar with Date, Day and Month
Once set, the automatic calendar always displays the correct date.
12/24-hour timekeeping
Times can be displayed in either a 12-hour or 24-hour format.
Lap memory 200
Measured total, lap and split times can be stored in a memory with the date and can be displayed again later. A data set consists of: date, total, lap and split times. The memory has enough space for up to 200 data sets.
Button tones on/off
The button tones for using the mode button can be turned off. This means that the watch no longer beeps when switching from one function to another. Preset alarm or countdown timers remain active when the button tones are deactivated.
Phone Finder
Misplaced your smartphone? All it takes is the push of a button on your watch and the smartphone sounds an alarm.
Flight Log Memory
In the Flight Log memory GPS precise location with time and date, can be opened by pressing a button. This function can e.g. be helpful for pilots much to their stakes to document and display it on maps later.
Bluetooth® Smart
The watch is equipped with energy-saving Bluetooth® technology, which offers power-saving data transfer at the push of a button. The watch can connect to a smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth®, enabling access to a wide range of useful functions.
Smartphone time
Local time will automatically be adjusted whenever the watch is connected with a smartphone.
Solar Power
A solar cell provides power for operation.
Stopwatch function - 1/1000 sec. - 24 hours
Elapsed time, split time and final time are measured with 1/1000-sec accuracy. The watch can measure times of up to 24 hours.
Timer - 1/1 sec. - 24 hours
For fans of precision: the countdown timers help you to remember specific or recurring events by giving off an audible signal at a preset time. They The time can be set to the nearest second and up to 24 hours in advance.
The bracelet is equipped with a buckle.
Water resistance classification (10 bar)
Perfect for swimming and snorkelling: the watch is water resistant to 10 bar according to ISO 22810.
World time function
Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world.
Chronometric precision
Smartphone Link Seconds per month
Battery type
50 mm x 46 mm x 9,8 mm (H x W x D)
76 g
Technical amendments and errors excepted for all watch models shown here. The sizes depicted are not the actual sizes. The colours shown may differ slightly from the actual colours.